Custom Mirrors

Custom Mirrors

You can buy a standard mirror and frame anywhere. We specialize in unique silvered glass and edging. We start with standard glass and then either coat it with regular, antique or colored silvers to create the special effects desired by our clients.

We work with you to create a custom design that we will then sand carve, in multiple layers if so desired, into the back of the mirror and then hand paint your choices of gold, solid silver, other metals or colors into the openings we’ve created from the back side. After this is complete we seal permanently all openings to make our new mirror airtight.

For commercial establishments such as hotel bathrooms we use our special glasses to make everything from the cabinet drawer panels to the regular mirror but with the exception that we create openings designed to hide TV’s behind Two-Way mirror on sections. We can position back lights or do many other unique designer upgrades to someone else’s stock mirror.

Single Piece Glass Thickness
Silver up to ½” or laminate to create thicker mirrors
Overall Glass Thickness
Up to 1 Inch
Typical Application
Commercial Hotel Lobbies
Condo Conversions
Health Clubs
Large facility bath rooms
Private Wealthy Homes
Retail Stores
Shopping Malls
¼” up to 3/8” monolithic
Soda Lime or Low Iron
Help body sculpting
Repair Makeup
Visually enlarge spaces
Type of Glass
Black Mirror
Chrome Coated
Tinted Mirror
Size (LxW)
4 x 4 up to 80 x 144
Product Volume
1 – 1,000
Secondary Operations
Acid Etching
Bottles (Dip Process)
Bullet Proof Glass
Bullet Proof Glass (Caution avoid shooting self)
Category I and II Safety Backing Applied
Glass Bending
Glass Bending (Using Silvered foils)
Patterned Glass
Sand Blasting
Screen Printing

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